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XLA Names New CEO, Founder to Chair Board of Directors

Posted by XLA Admin on January 07, 2016  /   Posted in XLA News

Tysons, Virginia (January 7, 2016) – Tysons based XLA today announced the appointment of Gary Slack as their new President and Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Slack will lead the company’s strategy and business plan execution, focusing on corporate growth.  XLA’s founder and former CEO, Lloyd M. Mustin II, will assume the role of Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors. Read More

XLA Announces Partnership with Tableau Software

Posted by Lisa Stamps on September 22, 2015  /   Posted in XLA News

Tysons Corner, Virginia (September 23, 2015) – Tysons Corner-based XLA today announced a new Alliance partnership with Tableau Software, the Nation’s leading data visualization software. XLA’s partnership with Tableau introduces a “best in class” visualization tool to create impactful dashboards to enhance data analysis efforts for XLA clients. This sophisticated capability stands alone for any analysis and seamlessly integrates the next level of analytics into existing XLA Solutions, including xTract, XLA’s new software to manage Einstein 3A notices.

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The BCAT IRB Survival Kit

Posted by Lisa Stamps on August 13, 2015  /   Posted in XLA News

The most stressful part of building or enhancing an IT system, arguably, is not programming, but successfully surviving the IT Investment Review Board (IRB) and other milestone requirements. Engineers and programmers are expected to write and promote a business case for a project while being thrown into a sea of laws, regulations and policies that threaten to delay the entire effort. Getting through IRBs for back office systems development projects can be particularly hard because less experienced staff assigned to these smaller projects may not get through the IRB as easily, adding rework and delaying projects.

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XLA Announces New Systems Development Management Solution

Posted by Lisa Stamps on August 11, 2015  /   Posted in XLA News

BCAT Couples Successful Systems Delivery with Continuous Learning

Tysons Corner, Virginia (August 11, 2015) – Tysons Corner-based XLA today announced the launch of its new systems development lifecycle management solution – BCAT. Short for Business Capability Analysis and Training, BCAT has already proven to reduce rework in systems development projects, including development of back-office systems.

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Help for the Most Unique Acquisitions: Personal Services Contracts

Posted by Lisa Stamps on July 24, 2015  /   Posted in XLA News

Why are PSCs Unique?

Personal Services Contracts (PSCs) are individuals contracted to a government Agency and establish an employee-employer relationship. PSCs are no different than a contract with a business, except that the business is an individual.

PSCs may be one of the most challenging type of acquisitions that a Contracting Officer will manage. The Contracting Officer must wear multiple hats to closely track and coordinate the contract through its lifecycle. Finding qualified candidates with the skills to fill many PSC positions is a function more natural to a Human Resource expert. Tracking multiple acquisitions is usually done by a Program management office (PMO) separate from the Contracting Office. PSCs each have a small financial value, but the resources needed to acquire and onboard them are just as intense as a large acquisition. For a PSC acquisition, the Contracting Office is usually on its own. All these factors raise the risk of contracting compliance details slipping through the cracks or the process stalling out altogether.
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XLA Announces New Expanded Reach for GlobalCorps Expertise

Posted by Lisa Stamps on July 21, 2015  /   Posted in XLA News

Tysons Corner, Virginia (July 21, 2015) – XLA announced today that it is expanding its GlobalCorps service offering to other Federal Government agencies and non-government organizations. GlobalCorps has been used by XLA to help the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) identify and acquire individual contract employees known as Personal Services Contractors (PSCs). XLA is now opening up its 20 years of PSC acquisition experience to other Federal agencies, and its community of specially-skilled people to non-government organizations who are seeking people with expertise in humanitarian assistance and international development.
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Calls to Deploy Einstein 3 Accelerated (E3A) Faster – But are you ready?

Posted by Lisa Stamps on July 17, 2015  /   Posted in XLA News

At recent hearings, government officials called for more rapid deployment of E3A to help better secure government networks. But are Federal agencies really prepared for E3A?

The recent data breach that exposed the personal records of millions of government officials has spurred calls for greater information security across all Federal Agencies. To detect intrusions to government networks, DHS has developed a detection system known as Einstein. Einstein prevents government users from unwittingly accessing high-risk websites that are either known or likely threats. These high-risk websites in many cases appear to be innocent websites to the user, but quickly transmit embedded viruses that can immediately replicate across government systems and computers.   In response to the recent data breaches there are now calls to implement the latest version of Einstein – Einstein 3 Accelerated (E3A) – as quickly as possible. Read More

XLA Announces New Cyber-Threat Mitigation Solution

Posted by Lisa Stamps on July 14, 2015  /   Posted in XLA News

xTract Identifies Specific Threats to Government Networks

Vienna, Virginia (July 14, 2015) – Vienna-based XL Associates, Inc. (XLA) today announced the launch of its new cyber-threat mitigation solution called xTractTM. xTract extends the capabilities of the Government’s Einstein 3 Accelerated (E3A) threat reduction tool by helping Federal agencies manage the millions of notices generated by E3A, and take action on specific network threats or malware.

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